Data Engineering

If you’re like most people, your data is complicated, it’s dirty, it’s incomplete, and it’s not all structured the same way. That’s OK. We can help you tackle your most complex data problems.


If your data isn’t in a consistent, usable format, we put it in a standard structure.


Your business runs on multiple software platforms. Reporting on them individually is not that difficult, however real value comes from cross-platform analysis. For example, how are bookings in your CRM related to open inventory and collections in your ERP? We can help you combine data from different systems to get a comprehensive view.


Decisions made from inaccurate causes problems. We’ll clean up your dirty data, remove duplicate records, check for inconsistencies, and ensure your data is high quality so your insights are based on accurate information.


Adding contextual information to your data will help with analysis. We’ll use enhancement techniques to add metadata that gives you a deeper understanding of what’s happening throughout the data transformation process. For example, we can enable more advanced analytics by taking periodic snapshots of your data so you can see changes over time.


Aggregate and pre-calculate for faster performance in analytics tools.

How do we engineer our data? Mitto.

Save precious hours of your life by using Mitto, our fast, lightweight, data staging platform. Mitto is the ultimate tool for making that data your bitch. Connect to any API, any database, and any flat file. Also, go ahead and scrape some emails like I give a fuck. Model your data by running transformations to prepare it for visualization. Schedule your transformations to run automatically. Just sit back and watch the data flow.

What is Mitto?
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We can help with that. Our team of experienced data gurus will listen to your business needs and recommend a path for success. It all starts with a great Data Strategy!

Data Strategy

Do you want some help with Tableau? Do you need Dashboards to analyze your business? Maybe you (or your team) need some personalized Tableau software training? We've got you covered with our powerful TableauHelp consulting team.

What is TableauHelp?

Are you looking to get Tableau Server set up on premise? Need help with installation, configuration, best practices or all of the above? Our Tableau Agile Server Install (ASI) can deliver a powerfully quick jump-start to your Tableau Server deployment.

What is Tableau ASI?