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Turning data into actionable insights is not an easy task. Whether you are already on the path to becoming data driven or you are just beginning, ZUAR is here to help. We offer a full spectrum of services, complimented by our Mitto Data Staging Platform. Our success lies in our modern style of engagement, our world class experts, and relentless focus on empowering your team.

Data Strategy

With the complexity of modern businesses, developing a data strategy is difficult. Tell us about your goals. We'll show you how to get there.

Data Infrastructure

We architect databases and data pipelines in public cloud environments like Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure, or locally on-premise.

Data Integration & Automation

Using our Mitto Data Staging Platform, we’ll pull all your data into a single database and automate the process so you don’t have to do any tedious manual work.

Data Engineering

We wrangle, we warehouse, we model, and we transform your data. Then we automate the entire process.

Tableau Analytics

We use modern visualization best practices to design interactive Tableau dashboards that are beautiful, visual, and most importantly, actionable.

Tableau Server Deployment

We help you deploy Tableau Server, databases, and data pipelines in public cloud environments like Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure, or locally on-premise.

Mitto Data Staging Platform

Mitto is an automated data pipeline that stages data for analytics. Easily integrate data from multiple sources into a database and prepare it for analysis. We set up everything for you as a service, in the cloud or on-premise.
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Success Stories

Helping our customers achieve success will always be a top priority. Check out some of our featured Success Stories to learn more about our products and services.

Tough Mudder

Learn how Tough Mudder has leveraged Mitto to get the most out of their Salesforce data.

Tableau Help
United Regional

Watch how Justin was able to revolutionize an entire health care system using data.

Tableau Training
Digital Creative Institute

Learn how Joel was able to provide curricular expertise to the students of Digital Creative Institute.

Embedded Analytics
Orange Door Research

Learn how the Zuar team was able to help Orange Door Research with some time-sensitive requests and embedded analytics.

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