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Connect, Transform & Automate the flow of all your data into a single destination for analytics.

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What is Mitto?

Mitto is an automated data pipeline that stages data for analytics. Easily integrate data from multiple sources into a database and prepare it for analysis. We set up everything for you as a service, in the cloud or on-premise.

How Does Mitto Work?

1. Choose Your Connectors & Database

Choose a connector from our library or request a new connector if you don’t see what you need. Utilize Mitto’s built in database to store your data or choose your preferred destination.

2. Transform & Enhance

Use Mitto’s simplistic interface to choose metrics and dimensions, or transform the data using standard SQL. Add contextual information to help with analysis. Pivot, aggregate, pre-calculate and create new tables for advanced analytics.

3. Automate & Monitor

Schedule each step of the process for automation and monitor the flow of data with built in alerts.

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Mitto has a built in relational database, but you can choose where you want your data to go. If you’re not sure what is best for you, we can recommend and deploy the best option.


Before you can get real value out of your data you need to understand what data is available to you. With Mitto you can easily see data from each source system before you pull it in. Mitto comes with metadata tables and pre-built Tableau dashboards so that you can see and understand the data you have integrated.


Transform the data using standard SQL in a simple interface. Pivot, aggregate, and pre-calculate. Solve complex use cases with multi-step SQL transformations.


Add contextual information to help with analysis. Easily create new tables in the database that help with dates and currency exchange rate use cases. Perform advanced analytics by taking periodic snapshots of your data so you can see changes over time.


Schedule each part of the data pipeline and sit back and watch the data flow.

Monitor & Alert

See the history of your data pipeline. Get alerts on status updates.

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