Tableau Analytics

Our certified Tableau consultants use visualization best practices to design interactive Tableau dashboards that are beautiful, visual, and most importantly, actionable.
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Executive Dashboards

Get visibility into KPI’s across your organization and drill into real-time data. Stay informed about your business.

Operational Dashboards

Monitor business processes, identify bottlenecks and track progress. Whether you’re looking at website performance, monitoring support cases, measuring quality assurance, or something else, operational dashboards will help.

Analytics Dashboards

Analyze large volumes of data to investigate trends, see outliers, and predict outcomes. Dig in to answer complex questions.

Report Revamp

If you have current reports that aren’t meeting your needs, we’ll revamp them and include automatic data refresh and distribution.

Easy Adoption

If your users are used to receiving tabular reports, but you want to harness the power of Tableau, we can ease the transition by starting with the reports they’re used to so you don’t cause disruption.

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More Services

Are you looking to get Tableau Server set up on premise? Need help with installation, configuration, best practices or all of the above? Our Tableau Agile Server Install (ASI) can deliver a powerfully quick jump-start to your Tableau Server deployment.

What is Tableau ASI?

Having trouble connecting to a software or application with Tableau? Maybe the connector exists but you are still unable to pull in all of the data that you need... Is your data located in disparate systems but you need it all in one place? We have a solution. Check out our proprietary software, Mitto.

What is Mitto?

Unsure how to model or transform your data in a way that it can be analyzed and visualized effectively? Need a SQL expert? We've got engineers to solve all of your data problems.

Data Engineering

Success Stories

Helping our customers achieve success will always be a top priority. Check out some of our featured Success Stories to learn more about our products and services.

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Learn how Tough Mudder has leveraged Mitto to get the most out of their Salesforce data.

Tableau Help
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Watch how Justin was able to revolutionize an entire health care system using data.

Tableau Training
Digital Creative Institute

Learn how Joel was able to provide curricular expertise to the students of Digital Creative Institute.

Embedded Analytics
Orange Door Research

Learn how the Zuar team was able to help Orange Door Research with some time-sensitive requests and embedded analytics.